Product Density Monitors - RHOTEC


Operating Principle

Highly accurate · robust product density measuringinstruments for hygienic · industrial process applications

Measuring Range:             0 - 3 g/cm3   (Specific Gravity: 0 to 3)
Accuracy:                             +/- 0.0001 g/cm
Reproducibility:                  0.00001g/cm3

Temp. Compensation:      PT1000
Temperature Range:         -25 - +125°C

Pressure:                              max. 50 bar g.
Enclosure Rating:              IP65

            Optional ATEX Explosion protection Ex II 2G Eex d IIC T6

The Rhotec density sensor and transmitter is ideally suited for quantitative process monitoring and controlling in beverage, brewing, diary, chemical/pharmaceutical and related industries. Rhotec is especially useful where two or more ingredients need to be measured accurately such as for product proportioning, blending and mixing applications. The high accuracy can process increase efficiency, avoid over-dosing and save money. Rhotec often have a very fast payback period when the dosing precision of high value products is important.

            The Rhotec density sensor is a highly precise means of determining the density of liquids, even under extreme process conditions. The density measurement is achieved through the use of an electro-magnetic oscillating "U"-shaped tube. As the process medium flows through the "U"-shaped tube, the oscillation frequency is measured. The oscillation frequency is affected by any changes in density and measured accordingly. The temperature dependence of density measurements is compensated through the electronic measurement of parallel PT1000 temperature elements. From these measurement signals, calculated concentrations are obtained and displayed in Mass%, Volume%, Brix, %Extract or other density calculable quantities of the measured medium. The use of this technology with specific measurement software has a proven track record for liquids with dissolved and un-dissolved components, both organic and inorganic.

            Product wetted components are available in a range alloys to suit even the most arduous and aggressive products and applications.

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