As water monitoring requirements become broader and more demanding, Isco responds. Our advances include the first round sampler, first non-contacting liquid detector, first outdoor refrigerated sampler, and first sampler with interchangeable modules for measuring flow and parameters. Through listening to our customers, continuous innovation and improvement, and emphasis on quality and reliability, Isco continues to lead the way with samplers for every application
•    NPDES permit compliance.
•    Industrial pretreatment compliance.
•    Storm water runoff monitoring.
•    CSO (combined sewer overflow) monitoring.
•    Regulatory compliance monitoring
•    Water quality research
•    Specialized applications such as hazardous locations and monitoring for radionuclides

3700C Compact Portable Sampler

3700C compact portable

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Isco 6712FR Fiberglass Refrigerated Sampler

Isco6712FR 01

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Isco 6712C Compact Portable Sampler

Isco6712C 01

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3700 Full-Size Portable Sampler

3700 Full size portable


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Isco GLS

Isco GLS 01

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Isco 6712 Full Size Portable Sampler

Isco6712 01

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