SwimLine UV

 It’s simple, Hanovia SwimLine, make cleaner, safer water, for less

Shouldn’t the best system be the simplest?

SwimLine is Hanovia’s new and improved generation of UV water treatment systems provided especially for pools. Because it’s from Hanovia, it builds on our exceptional lineage of products, chosen by leading pools across the world.

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It offers better features than any range we’ve ever created for the sector. It’s now even more efficient, and more environmentally friendly, too. So, whatever kind of pool you have, Hanovia SwimLine was designed to deliver the next level of performance.

What makes it great? Remarkably, it deactivates all known pathogens. Even better, it actually destroys chloramines, so it’s the perfect way to improve chlorine-based treatment systems.

And with UV, you can add dramatically less chlorine to the water in your pool. That means less dilution, less waste, and noticeably purer water.

It’s an ideal system to use as an add-on, and it’s just as good built-in from the start. Giving you cleaner water, without all the effort. And, without so much waste, maintenance, and cost – because Hanovia SwimLine is designed to be as easy as possible to install, operate and maintain.

It’s the simplicity that comes from the next level of technology. Beautifully designed, and implemented and supported by our global experts.

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Swimmers prefer Hanovia UV

Some good ideas simply don’t have a downside – like Hanovia SwimLine UV. It’s the enhancement your treatment system has been waiting for, creating purer water with less fuss and expense.

  • UV leaves no additives, no smell, and no active pathogenss
  • Simply a cleaner technology, with water your bathers will love
  • Incredibly reliable and safe, with exceptional safety features
  • Beautifully simple to use, and remarkably low maintenance
  • Safer for swimmers, and the environment
  • Lower cost, higher performance through brilliant design
  • A brilliant way to improve existing treatment systems

Take a look at our systems, and find out why Hanovia SwimLine’s flexible, scalable systems can revolutionise the way you work.

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