PharmaLine UV

 The next level of Pharma disinfection – from the Hanovia UV PharmaLine Range


At Hanovia, we think we’re a better partner for pharma businesses. We have enjoyed more than 85 years as a global leader in applying UV technology for chemical free disinfection in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industries.



Industry leaders trust us because we’ve built up unrivalled experience, deep customer insight, and a complete range of answers for your water treatment needs – no matter what size company you are. And we always deliver the superior performance that comes with validated UV products and services designed from a solid base of UV science and technology, supported right around the globe.


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So, you can rely on Hanovia to take care of every detail, and to do it when you need us most.


The best solutions are good for everyone. So, we don’t just offer clever technology. We make a difference. For you, your clients, and consumers. Hanovia PharmaLine UV systems:


  • Provide chemical-free disinfection
  • Remove chlorine and ozone
  • Are clean and safe, with no side effects or residue
  • Offer validated performance
  • Are compact and easy to install
  • Are simple and inexpensive to maintain
  • Are backed by Hanovia’s global support network


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