Turbine Liquid Flow Meters


Turbine Liquid Flow Meters



            ONICON turbine liquid flow meters are designed for performance and value. Each meter is provided with highly linear low mass turbines, polished tungsten carbide turbine shafts, precision sapphire shaft bearings and a patented turbine rotation sensing circuit that does not add drag. The result is a meter that is:


  • Accurate over a wide flow range and continues to operate at low flows that other meters cannot read.
  • Very reliable in clean closed loop systems with negligible bearing and shaft wear, even after many years of continuous service.
  • Closed loop chilled water, hot water, condenser water & water/glycol/brine solutions for HVAC
  • Process water & water mixtures
  • Domestic water
  • Pumped steam condensate



Flow Meter Series Description
F-1100 F-1100 Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meters are suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 1 ¼" (1" for copper) to 72". Single turbine meters are ideal for use in applications where the straight pipe run is long enough to produce a fully developed flow profile.

F-1200 Series Insertion Dual Turbine Flow Metersare suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2 ½" to 72". Patented dual turbine meters provide partial compensation for irregular flow direction.


FB-1200 Series Insertion Bi-Directional Dual Turbine Flow Metersare suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2 ½" to 72". Bi-directional dual turbine meters accurately measure flow in both directions and provide an isolated contact closure output to indicate flow direction.

F-1300 F-1300 Series Inline Turbine Flow Metersare available with fittings for pipe sizes of ¾" and 1". Inline flow meters provide an effective low cost option for measuring flow in small pipes.








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