Thermal Mass Flow Meters

 Thermal mass

                ONICON thermal mass flow meters provide accurate, reliable standardized volumetric flow measurement of natural gas, compressed air and other industrial gases. They are available as inline and insertion style meters, with or without a local display. The “no moving parts” design measures mass flow directly to provide standardized volumetric flow data without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. They are also provided with a unique method for field validation of the existing calibration. The result is a meter that is:

  • Ideal for retrofit applications since the insertion version of the meter can be installed without disrupting gas service.
  • Low maintenance by design and has no moving parts.
  • Capable of accurately measuring a wide range of flows and very low flow rates.


            The F-5100 includes a bright easy-to-read display that provides rate and total data. The F-5200 is a blind (no display) version of the same meter.



  • Natural Gas
  • Compressed Air
  • Other Combustible Gases
  • Industrial Gases

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