Concentration & Density Combination - COMBITEC



Operating Principle

Highly reliable · Easy to clean · Accurat · Long life ·Very low maintenance requirement

Density:                                            Electro-Magnetic Oscillation Monitoring

Density Measuring Range:          0 - 3 g/cm3    (Specific Gravity: 0 to 3)
Accuracy:                                         +/- 0.0001 g/cm3, Reproducibility: 0.00001g/cm3
Concentration:                                Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement.
Sound Measuring Velocity:         400 - 3000 m/s,
Accuracy:                                         ± 0.05 m/s

Reproducibility:                              ± 0.01 m/s.
Temperature Compensation:     PT1000

Operating Temperature:               -25°C - +125°C
Pressure range:                              max. 16 bar g.
Materials in product contact:      1.4404 (316L) s/steel, Hastelloy C276
Process connections:                  Varivent© Clamp - DN40 (1.5") - DN150 (6");DIN, ANSI and others on request
Inputs and Outputs:                      Various analogue and digital I/O, incl. Profibus
Enclosure rating:                           IP 65. Supply 24V DC,



            The Combitec SD is a highly precise means of determining the Density and Sound Velocity of liquids, even under extreme process conditions. The density measurement is achieved through the use of an electromagnetic oscillating “U”-shaped tube. As the process medium flows through the “U”-shaped tube, the oscillation frequency is measured. The oscillation frequency is affected by any changes in density and measured accordingly.
Like density measurements, Sound Velocity is a material and concentration dependent quantity which can be used for determining the concentration of a liquid. The propagation time of a piezo-ceramic generated sound pulse is measured between the prongs of a fork shaped measuring head installed directly in the process. As this propagation time changes, the sound velocity and resulting concentration changes are measured.

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