3700C Compact Portable Sampler

3700C compact portable

Fits where a full-size sampler won't


Smaller and lighter than our full size 3700 portable, the 3700C uses the same controller. The 3700C will easily pass through an 18-inch diameter or offset manhole.


Bottle choices with the 3700C are more limited than with the full-size model. The bottle options are: 24 polyethylene 500 ml bottles; a single 2.5 gallon (9.5 liter) polyethylene or glass bottle; or a single 2.0 gallon (7.5 liter) ProPak bag with holder. When using the 24-bottle configuration, the 3700C's bottle carrier makes bottle changes fast and easy.


The exclusive LD90 gives you automatic compensation for changes in head height, plus automatic suction line rinsing to prevent cross contamination. The non-contacting liquid sensor is not affected by conductivity, viscosity, temperature, or liquid composition. There are no internal tubing connections, so cleaning and tubing replacement are fast and easy. The 3700 pump outperforms most competing samplers and maintains the EPA-recommended 2 ft/second line velocity at head heights up to 16 feet, with 1/4-inch suction line. For higher lifts, we recommend our 6700 Series.


Standard Features

  • Quick-change bottle cartridge system
  • Exclusive LD90 Liquid Presence Detector and pump revolution counting system ensure accurate, repeatable sample volumes.
  • Basic and extended programming modes for:
    - Uniform time intervals
    - Non-uniform time intervals
    - Stormwater runoff sampling
    - Multiple bottle compositing
    - Split sampling
  • Thick foam insulation (R-11) and 16-lb. ice capacity to preserve samples.
  • 3700 Controller is housed in a NEMA 4X and 6 (IP67) environmentally sealed enclosure, and is fully interchangeable between portable and refrigerated samplers.



  • wastewater effluent
  • stormwater monitoring
  • CSO monitoring
  • permit compliance
  • pretreatment compliance


Options and Accessories

  • Sequential sampling bottle configuration - 24 x 500 ml wedge-shaped polyethylene
  • Composite sampling bottle configurations - 1 x 2.5 gal (9450 ml) polyethylene or glass; 1 x 2.0 gal (7500 ml) ProPak® single-use bag
  • Suction lines and strainers
  • Samplink® Software for retrieval of sampling logs













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