StreamerSense - Streaming Current Monitor


Streaming Current Monitors and Streaming Current Detectors from Pi use streaming current measurement (similar to Zeta Potential) to maintain proper electro kinetic charge (ionic & colloidal) in coagulation control applications in water treatment. Effectively these coagulation analyzers it detects and controls the level of residual coagulant. The objective is to keep this residual at a minimum while maintaining desired final water quality and process efficiency. The Streaming Current Monitor can be used as an effective feedback coagulation control tool allowing the operator to optimize the coagulation dose, effectively building a coagulation analyzer.



Key Benefits


  • Immediate response to process changes in coagulation treatment – coagulation monitor
  • Maintain high quality finished water through improved coagulation control – coagulation controller
  • Reduce coagulant/polymer costs – coagulant analyzer
  • Automate dosing coagulant/polymer dosing using the streaming current monitor – coagulant control
  • Ensure coagulation reliability – coagulant analyzer
  • Improve operator efficiency – coagulant analyzer
  • Improve filter performance and coagulation treatment – coagulation controller
  • Monitor your coagulation control process – coagulation monitor




Streaming Current Monitors Standard Features


  • Patented sensor design
  • Quick replacement probe and piston
  • Self-diagnostic sensor
  • High-volume flow minimizes sensor fouling
  • Remove electronics from harsh environments
  • Corrosion-free Nema 4x enclosure (IP65)
  • Optional computer interface
  • Spare probe cartridge and piston included
  • Auxiliary input signals






Sample Flow Rate:                                        3 - 20 l/min


Sample Cell Type:                                         External receiver, high flow


Probe Type:                                                    Quick replacement cartridge


Piston Type:                                                   Quick replacement


Water Sample Connections:                       Inlet, 0.75" (19mm) OD, barb type


Water Sample Outlets:                                 1" (25mm) pipe to atmosphere


Enclosure:                                                      IP65, fibreglass reinforced


Power Requirements:                                  110 VAC, 1 A, 60 Hz


                                                                          220 VAC, 1 A, 50 Hz (optional)


Operating Temperature:                              1 oC – 49 oC







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