DepoSense - Quantitative Deposit Monitor



The DepoSense range of Quantitative Deposit Monitors provide a quantitative measurement of how much deposit is building up in your process, allowing you to control your process accordingly.


  • Low purchase cost
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Automatic Biocide control
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Can be combined with Cl2 /ClO2/O3/pH/ORP measurement
  • No maintenance for up to 12 months
  • PID control options




The DepoSense sensors and flow cells are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options. With the DepoSense range of Deposit Monitors, you get everything that you need and nothing that you don't.







DepoSense Sensor


Type:                                                    Ultrasonic


Measurand:                                        Deposit depth


Range:                                                 0 - 40mm


Resolution:                                         0.02mm


Reproducibility:                                 0.02mm


Stability:                                              99%


Flow rate:                                            0.2 – 1 l/min


Temperature range:                          0.5 oC - 60 oC


pHrange:                                             pH 5 up to pH 10


Maintenance intervals:                    12 months











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