OxySense - Dissolved Oxygen Meter




The OxySense range of online DO meters utilizes the very latest and best optical DO sensor available in the world today. It is an optical luminescent device which is extremely resistant to abrasion, extremely stable, and has greatly reduced maintenance and whole life costs.


The OxySense Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter with self-cleaning and self-verification offers enhanced reliability and unrivaled low maintenance. Optical DO meters have largely replaced electrochemical DO sensors due to their better reliability and lower maintenance requirements.



Key Benefits

  • Rugged optical design DO meter
  • Better performance than its competitors’ dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Self-cleaning option – reduces maintenance to none!
  • Self-verification option – automatic sensor check
  • Range of process control PID options – reduces labor costs
  • Proven reliability
  • Up to 12 months between calibration and maintenance events
  • Data-logging and remote internet access with text alarms




Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Type:                                                     Lumiphore Optical Dissolved Oxygen

Range:                                                 0-20mg/l or 0-450% Saturation

Resolution:                                         0.01mg/l

Accuracy and Precision:                 ±0.1mg/l from 0-8mg/l (1.25%) and ±0.2mg/l from 8-20mg/l

Stability:                                               Better than 1% per month (without calibration)

Temperature Range:                         >0 up to 50°c

pH-range:                                             pH2 up to pH10

Salinity Range:                                   0-42ppt

Temperature Compensation:          Automatically by an integrated thermistor

Permissible Overpressure:              0.5 bar

Typical Response Limited:              >25mg/l

Warranty:                                             The shorter of 24 months from the date of manufacture or 12

                                                                months from date of first use

Interferences:                                     High levels of hypochlorite





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