ORPSense - Continuous Online ORP Monitor





The ORPSense range of ORP Meters from Pi utilize the very latest and best ORP sensors available in the world today for measuring the online Redox potential of any aqueous solution. They are platinum ball based sensors with integral reference electrodes which use no reagents, are extremely stable, and have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.


Online ORP meters and ORP controllers are one of the most common analyzers in use today in water treatment and process plants and yet online ORP meters cause continual problems for their operators. What is needed is a stable, reliable, online ORP meter for a reasonable cost. That is exactly what you get with the ORPSense and the ORPSense Automatic Calibrator.



Key Benefits


  • Stable and reliable online ORP meter
  • On board diagnostics
  • Low purchase cost
  • Long life ORP sensors
  • Remote access and SMS text alarms
  • PID and other process controls





ORP Electrodes

Type:                              Platinum Ball

Reference Type:         Solid state, non porous Ag/Ag Cl

ORP Range:                -1999 to 1999mV

Slope:                          95-102%

Pressure range:         0-10Bar

Response Time:         95% of step <5s

Cable length:              6m

Shelf Life:                    12 Months

ATC:                              None

Wetted Surfaces:       PVDF/Glass/Pt ring/Viton 0 rings

Estimated life:            36 months application dependent

Temperature:              0-100 oC

Length:                        145mm (5.7")

Diameter:                     26.5 mm (1.04")

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