ConductiSense - Conductivity Meter


The ConductiSense range of online conductivity meters from Pi utilize the very latest and best conductivity sensors available in the world today for measuring the online conductivity of any aqueous solution.


Online conductivity meters are common in today water treatment and process plants. ConductiSense is a stable, reliable, online conductivity meter for a reasonable cost.


The ConductiSense sensors and accessories are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options. With the ConductiSense range of Conductivity Monitors, you get everything that you need – and nothing that you don’t.


Key Benefits

  • Resists coating, corrosion and fouling
  • Durable Noryl (plastic) construction
  • Easy installation
  • Low purchase cost
  • Custom tee for in-line mounting



Standard Epoxy Sensor
Type:                            Graphite
Measuring range:       0-1000 μS/cm2 (other ranges available on request)
Cell Constants:           k=0.1
Measuring Surface:   Graphite
Body Material:            Epoxy
Max Temperature:      70 Degrees C
Max Pressure:            7.5 Bar
Temp Comp:               Included
Cable:                          22 AWG 2-wire or 4-wire,for temperature compensated type. 6m standard unless

                                     otherwise specified


Advanced Toroidal Sensor
Type:                           Toroidal
Measuring Range:     500-2,000,000μS/cm2 (0.5-2000 mS/cm2)
Body Material:            Noryl
Max Temperature:      105 Degrees C
Max Pressure:            10 Bar
Temp Comp:               Included
Cable Length :            6 meters, 6 conductor plus shields
ProcessConnection:  3/4"MNPTforsubmersion,2" standard tee with adapter





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