HaloSense - Chlorine Analyzer


The HaloSense range of chlorine analyzers are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels in water. The HaloSenser range is suitable for total or free residual chlorine monitoring or control applications in potable water, seawater, process water, swimming pool water, waste water, food washing, paper and pulp, etc.


The following are available in the HaloSense range of chlorine analyzers:

  • Online total chlorine analyzer 0-2 ppm, 0-5 ppm, 0-10 ppm, 0-20 ppm, 0-200 ppm
  • Online free chlorine analyzer 0-2 ppm, 0-5 ppm, 0-10 ppm, 0-20 ppm, 0-200 ppm
  • Online residual chlorine in seawater analyzers (free or total bromine) 0-2 ppm, 0-5 ppm, 0-10 ppm, 0-20 ppm
  • Online zero free chlorine analyzer (designed to measure the absence of free chlorine) 0-2 ppm, 0-5 ppm, 0-10 ppm for applications such as post activated carbon and pre-RO monitoring.




Chlorine Sensor Probe

Type:                                                    Membrane covered potentiostatic chrono amperometric three-electrode system

Measurand:                                        Total Chlorine or Free Chlorine

Range:                                                 0.01-2, 0.01-5, 0.01-10mg/l, 0.01-20mg/l, 0-200mg/l (ppm)

Resolution:                                         0.01mg/l (ppm)

Reproducibility:                                 ±5 %

Stability:                                              -2 % per month (without calibration)

Working electrode:                          Gold

Counter electrode:                           Stainless Steel

Reference electrode:                       Silver / silver halide

Membrane material:                         Micro-porous hydrophilic membrane

Flow rate:                                           Approximately 0.5l/min (min 0.2l/min)

Temperature range:                         >3 to <50 oC

Temperature compensation:         Automatically by an integrated thermistor

pHrange:                                            pH 4 up to pH 9

Response time:                                T90: approx.120 seconds

Calibration:                                        Manual using DPD

Housing material:                            PVC, silicone, polycarbonate stainless steel

Maintenance intervals:

            Membrane:                            12-18 months

            Electrolyte:                            3-6 months

Interferences:                                   High levels of other oxidants such as Ozone and Chlorine Dioxide

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