Vortex Mass Flow Meters


                ONICON vortex flow meters are the perfect choice for mass flow measurement of steam. The standard version of the meter is loop powered and provided with integral temperature compensation. This allows for mass flow measurement of saturated steam without the need for an external flow computer. It may also be provided with integral pressure compensation. In this configuration the same meter is capable of measuring superheated steam. By providing integral compensation and the capability to compute mass flow, the result is a meter that is:

  • Cost effective, accurate and reliable.
  • A one-piece design that is simple to install and operate.
  • Delivered fully programmed and ready to use.
    • Saturated steam
    • Hot water to 500° F (260° C) standard, 750° F (400° C) optional
    • Superheated steam to 500° F (260° C) standard
    • 750° F (400° C) optional
    • Compressed air
    • Industrial gases


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